Garden Design Guide

Planning is of vital importance in maximising the usability of your outdoor space. You may want an al-fresco dining and/or barbeque area, an attractive and safe area for children to play, decking to take advantage of the vista or a water feature to create ambience and a focal point. ThisĀ garden design guideĀ holds a selection of garden planning tips and tools to help you get the most from your prospective new garden.

Think about:

  • What already exists in your garden
  • What you want to keep
  • What you want from your new garden
  • The age and style of your home
  • Day to day upkeep
  • Budget
  • Practicalities – where the rubbish bins go, where you dry clothes etc
  • What features you would like – water features, dining area, play area, vegetable patch?
  • Style/theme – formal, country, oriental, urban etc
  • Kerb appeal

Be inspired:

  • Get out there – visit open gardens & garden centres, note down or take pictures of things that you like
  • Get nosey – have a look at what the neighbours have done, what works and what doesn’t work, what ideas can you pinch or build upon
  • Get Googling – if you think you would like a particular feature but cannot visualise it, then a Google image search is your essential next step! Click on the following example searches;
  • Inspiring Gardens
  • Decking Ideas
  • Low Maintenance Gardens
  • Child Friendly Gardens

Put it on paper;

Getting your garden ideas on paper will help you visualise your new garden, plan the layout and convey your ideas to others. Your plan doesn’t have to be a work of art, even a rough sketch on the back of an envelope will do, but if you want to get fancy have a look at the following links;

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your garden landscaping ideas and to arrange a free, no obligation quote, then please contact us.

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